My eyes are not your eyes…

our Here you can tell us about your personal experiences of “Cultural Identity”. We are looking forward to know about your life experiences… they will be very useful for our research on the topic!!
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Does the cultural identity of the temporary visitors of Vaduz, Liechtenstein, determine their experience and understanding of the place?


The actual way towards a conclusion is

through interviews. The representatives of

different types of visitors are interviewed

in order to identify their point of view, experience,

and motivation. As a supporting

line of the research additional interviews

with the mediators of the various groups

as well as with other interesting figures

are conducted.


As the hypothesis claimed, the eyes,

therefore what is seen, varies from person

to person. From the narratives derives the

final visual result, postcards. One postcard

for each character group, showing that the

view on the same place is not entirely the

same. They all together form a more realistic

and less prejudiced view on Vaduz,

they form the “general eyes”.

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