Master’s Architecture

The design studios give students the opportunity to engage with the broad field of architecture on a variety of scales applying a multitude of design and research methods, preparing them for the demands of the broad field of sustainable architecture and spatial planning and seeking to shape not only the leaders of a design process, but an architectural culture itself that can lead our society forward. Compulsory classes provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and tools to successfully implement culturally sustainable strategies in architecture and urban design. Together with a series of elective classes, they enable students to develop and strengthen their personal fields of interests. The programme aims to nurture talented students who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their knowledge in the broad field of architectural design towards sustainability and critical thinking.
Each semester, students select one of the design studios on offer. While all studios’ focus is on developing socially responsible and culturally sustainable projects, their research and design approaches vary, depending on the scale and context of the tasks. This enables students to gain insight into a variety of methodologies according to their architectural field of interest and prepares them for current and future challenges facing the architect and the environment.
Design proposals are developed in small groups and in close contact with professors and faculty staff, through weekly desk critiques, workshops, input lectures and design charrettes, culminating in public presentations and exhibitions.