Lecture: Fattinger Orso Architektur



Di Dr. Arch Peter Fattinger + Dr. Arch Veronica Orso

Is a fabrication working studio design based in Vienna. They are mainly working in the intersection of Architecture, Art and Design. They have from small interior projects, to artistic public installation as exhibition designs, as well as urban interventions.

They have some publications like: “Bellevue – Das Gelbe Haus/ The Yellow House” (2010), “Add On. 20 Hohenmeter” (2008), “Orange Farm Township Project 2006 – Kindergarten Emmanuel Day Care” (2006) and “Orange Farm Township Project” (2004).

The architects lead a design and have a  studio at the Faculty of Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

They focus on temporary experiments in public spaces. The projects are always accessible to everyone and contribute to improving the relationship between social and spatial matters.

Temporary Public Accessible Spaces for Everyone _ Is a vertical structure in the outskirts of Vienna. The whole tower was public, opened to everyone – anyone could walk up the stairs and use it. While the tower was there, it was filled with a dense program of activities and usable art installations. Some of them is a car wash for people to walk through, housekeeper’s caravan places inside the tower, overhanging working spaces with internet, a kitchen run every day by different groups of students, tables where people could come also with their own picnic baskets, coffee for two at the very top, and a few residence units for the visiting artists. All of that designed and built by the students of their studio.

Bellevue  _ was built in Linz in 2009, when it was a European capital of culture. The studio did not want to do a project in the wood, but somewhere where people live, to get also other than the usual visitors of the festival. There is a highway going in the middle of two neighbourhoods, that was enclosed with a roof in the 1980s and covered with greenery, but never became an actively used space. It took one year of research and analyses of the neighbourhoods before the start of the physical project itself, because it was important for the studio to collaborate with local actors and residents. The project became a bright yellow house named Bellevue standing at the edge of the tunnel above the highway with vies at the both sides (highway and park). It was there for 82 days and during this whole three months filled with every day program consisting of workshops (including cooking and dancing classes), café and different shows (live talk shows, DJs, etc.) at the stage. There was accommodation for 13 guest artists and workers, offering a collective experience. Organized by a textile artist happen also a “marriage of the neighbourhoods”, the two neighbourhoods that were divided by the highway. Temporary interventions bring a special energy and architecture is a medium for creating spaces for possibilities.

The Festival Center Marau _ is located at a Schillerplatz in Murau, Austria. That is a square, that is usually full of parking cars, and that is why, for the duration of a festival, the Fattinger Orso student design studio decided to make it completely cars free. They wanted to show, what the potential of that place is. The project itself was a combination of monuments put together to a pyramid-like installation. That was all painted black and used as a blackboard. The structure was, as usual, brought to life by various events and shows.

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